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Exploring Anegada

  • Anegada (literally "drowned island"), the only all-coral atoll in the BVI is a mere 28 feet above sea level. Surrounded on one side by the infamous Horseshoe Reef, a watery graveyard for many an unsuspecting wind-tossed ship, it is known to have over 300 wrecks in its waters, some of whose artifacts can be seen in a local nautical museum.

    Known for its endless white sandy beaches and salt ponds that host a growing flock of pink flamingoes, Anegada is an eco-tourist's delight. Rare indigenous iguanas are nurtured by the National Parks Trust and released in the wild, and many rare types of plant life are also found on this unique, long, flat atoll. Bone fishing is a sought-after sport here with many shallow flats that are home to bonefish, snook and permit.

    Sandy roads, with a few paved stretches, link the beaches and small guest villas on the north side and crisscross through The Settlement, the main village which boasts schools, a clinic, a police and fire station and a few small restaurants. Setting Point is the main harbour where both ferries and yachts arrive in a quiet cove lined with seafood restaurants all featuring the succulent Anegada lobster. Accessible also by a small airport, this gem of "Nature's Little Secrets" continues to be a quiet and beautiful get-away spotall the major resorts.