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1 - Do you stop at Cruz Bay, USVI?

Do you stop at Cruz Bay, USVI? If so, is it possible to take a ferry from Cruz Bay to Road Town without back-tracking to St. Thomas first?

No, Our ferry service does not stop into Cruz Bay. There are other companies that stop into Cruz Bay on the way to West End, Tortola and the same on the return. There are no companies that operate to Road Town and Cruz Bay.

2 - What is your r/t schedule from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda?

What is your r/t schedule from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda? I see info on the internet about a Friday Schedule, but nothing on your website. Thanks so much!

We do not operate directly to Virgin Gorda from St. Thomas. Our service only goes to Tortola and then you will connect to Virgin Gorda. We only operate from Tortola to Virgin Gorda.

3 - Do i have to book my ticket in advance?

It's preferred but not mandatory. Booking in advance will save you time and secure your seat on the ferry.

4 - Do I need a passport to travel to the British Virgin Islands?

If you're a U.S. citizen and you travel directly to the U.S.V.I. and do not visit the British Virgin Islands, you do not need a passport -- but you are highly encouraged to carry one. If you return to the mainland U.S. from the U.S.V.I. through another country (Mexico or Bermuda, for example), you will need a passport to get back home. For non-U.S. citizens, visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands is just like visiting the mainland United States: You need a passport and visa.

A passport is necessary for all visitors to the British Virgin Islands (including citizens of the U.K.).

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